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I served as a teaching assistant in the following courses


 Courses at AIMS:

+ Topics in real and complex analysis, David Bekolle (YAOUNDE I-Cameroon).

+ Primality testing - Amadou Tall(Dakar-Senegal).

+ Probability Calculus, Random Systems and Related Topics (Paris Sud-France).

+ Differential Calculus and Geometry, Helene Eynard-Bontemps (Paris VI-France).

+ Computer Security and Privacy, Tara Whalen, Google and Stanford University (USA).

+ Graph Theory and its applications, Ben Geloun, Rivasseau, (Paris Sud- France).

+ Diophantine equations, Michel Waldschmidt (Paris) & Claude Levesque (Laval-Canada)


 Courses at Aalto University (2017-2010):

1. MS-A0311 - Differential and integral calculus 3.

2. MS-C1081 - Abstract algebra.

3. MS-E1997 - Abstract Algebra II.

4. MS-E1110 - Number theory.

5. MS-E1050 - Graph theory.

6. MS-E1111 - Galois theory.

Research Supervision and Mentoring

I acted as an advisor or co-supervisor for the following theses projects:

Past Master Theses (titles) at AIMS (2015-2016)

1. Elliptic Curves Pairings and Applications to Cryptography.
2. Securing Vehicular Ad-hoc Network With Public-Key Infrastructure.

Past Bachelor Theses (titles) at the University of Helsinki (Jul 2021-Jul 2023)

  1.  Machine Learning Methods for Intrusion Detection.

  2.  Authentication and Key Agreement in Beyond-5G.

  3.  Formal Verification of Authentication Protocols

  4.  Towards Real-Time Ray Tracing.

  5.  Best Practices in Supercomputer Benchmarking.

  6. Secure Messaging and the Signal Protocol.

  7.  FPGA Implementations Of Lattice Based Cryptography.

  8.  A Comparative Study of Serverless Platforms.

  9.  Fooling Neural Networks.

Mohamed Taoufiq Damir

Feb-May 2018: Research visit, Prof. Lenny Fukshansky, Claremont McKenna College, California, USA.


September 2015-October 2016: Tutoring scholarship (Teaching assistant) , The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Senegal.

2014: Mathematics Tutor: University of Bordeaux, France.

2011: Teaching Mathematics, Digital Knowlege, Marrakech.

2011: Working at a computer science center , Digital Knowlege Centre, Marrakech.


2007: Teaching Mathematics, Nawabigh School, Marrakech.

2007: Psychology and Pedagogy training, Nawabigh School, Marrakech. Pedagogy and Psychology.

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