Research interests: Number Theory, Lattices, Wireless communications, Physical layer security.

          My Erdös number is 2

  1. - February 2014: Members of Lucas sequences whose Euler function is a power of 2, M.T.Damir, F.Luca, A.Tall and B.Faye, Fibonacci Quarterly, Vol 52, A3.

  2. - January 2014:  Fibonacci numbers with prime sums of complimentary divisors, M.T.Damir, F.Luca, A.Tall and B.Faye, Integers electronic journal of combinatorial number theory, Vol 14, A5.

  3. -June 2018:  Analysis of Some Well-Rounded Lattices in Wiretap Channels, M. T. Damir, O. Gnilke, L. Amoros, and C. Hollanti, IEEE SPAWC conference 2018.

  4. -September 2018: Well-Rounded Twists of Ideal Lattices from Real Quadratic Fields, M.T Damir, D. Karpuk, Journal of Number Theory, 196 (March 2019), 168–196 .

  5. -August 2019: Canonical basis Twists of Ideal Lattices from Real Quadratic Fields, M.T Damir, Lenny Fukshansky, Houston Journal of Mathematics.

  6. - An Approximation of Theta Functions with Applications to Communications. M. T. Damir, A. Barreal, C. Hollanti, R. Freij-Hollanti , SIAM Journal on Applied Algebra and Geometry.

  7. -(Preprint)  Well-Rounded Lattices: Towards Optimal Coset Codes for Gaussian and Fading Wiretap Channels, A. Karrila, M. T. Damir, L. Amoros, O. Gnilke, D. Karpuk, C. Hollanti.

  8. - (Preprint) Bases of Minimal Vectors in Lagrangian Lattices., M. T. Damir, Guillermo Mantilla-Soler.


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